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Kirk Mechar is a Canadian artist based in Nevis, West Indies and Toronto, Canada. His work is widely recognised for the large abstract flower patterns he creates, incorporating thick oils with saturated colour, often cutting “mosaic tiles” from the work to reconfigure the canvas in a manner that blurs the lines between landscape and abstract painting.

Rendered in Nevis, West Indies, Mechar’s paintings are charged with the lushness of the Caribbean’s foliage. Epic scale canvases that engulf the viewer in kaleidoscopic tapestry, possessing a hypnotic - even psychedelic - quality.

Enigmatic in subject, the works might capture tiny fragments of pollen, petals and their stoma or could just as well depict the phenomenal deluge of tropical storms. His compositions often possess an ethereal effect that celebrates nature and life.

Kirk Mechar studied interior design before committing to studio work full time. He is a self-taught painter and exhibits in London, Los Angeles, New York, Toronto and Ottawa. He currently lives and works in Nevis, West Indies and Toronto, Canada.

Kirk Mechar

Green Diamond, Mosaic Series oil on canvas, cut and mounted on canvas 198 x 198 cm 2014-17

Pink Explosion, Mosaic Series oil on canvas cut and mounted on canvas 183 x 183 cm 2013-16

Red Explosion, Mosaic Series oil on canvas cut and mounted on canvas 198 x 198 cm 2013-17

Hanging Garden, Flower Motif Series Oil on canvas 183 x 213 cm 2014

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10 Questions With...

What is the best/most inspiring exhibition you have visited?

It was at the Aarhus Museum in Denmark. Bill Viola’s Five Angels for the Millennium was showing in a basement space. I knew nothing about the installation and was alone in the room. The impact of the haunting videos has never left me

Share a hidden gem with us

I have lived in many different places. In the places that I have built or renovated, I have “buried” a piece of my work - a painting in a wall, a sculpture beneath the floor, so that in the years to come if someone renovates the space they will discover a piece of the past and a piece of the person who has inhabited that space

What is your motto?

1% inspiration, 99% hard work

What is your favourite piece of art of all time?

There isn’t a single piece. That said, as unoriginal as it is, I would be very happy to live in any empty room with one of Giacometti’s Tall Standing Figures

Desert island luxury item


If I wasn't an artist, I would be...

If I wasn’t creating then it would definitely be something very physical. A professional endurance athlete of some sort. A Triathlete or, Ultra-runner. the disciple and focus appeal to me

Where is your favourite destination in the world?

Nevis. West Indies

If you had to paint in the colour palette of one artist for the rest of your life, who would you pick?

Evan Uglow. His use of colour and form is spectacular

What inspires you?

Disciplined, hard work and people who are good at what they do

Where is your favourite place in the world?

My studio. Alone