About Us

Louisa is a fine artist based in London, specialising in portraiture.

Having completed her degree in Painting and Drawing at Edinburgh College of Art in 2013, she trained part-time for a year at Lavender Hill Studios, Battersea, while also working in a gallery in Notting Hill, selling contemporary art.

In 2015, she travelled to Florence to complete her classical training at the renowned private atelier Charles Cecil Studios, mirroring the atelier system of Renaissance Italy in which a master painter opens his studio to a select group of dedicated students. It was in Florence that she honed the technique of painting from life to the scale of life using oil paint, without using photography as an aid. She learnt to paint from a distance, using focus and impastos to celebrate beauty in nature, specifically the figurative.

On her return from Florence, she exhibited her work at Fresh Paint, a contemporary art exhibition by Fine Art Commissions at Picton Castle in Wales in 2017, and won their prize for best portrait. She has gone on to exhibit in several group shows.

Louisa has taken what she learnt in Florence to develop her own voice as an artist. While she still adheres to the principles of the sight size technique, she is able to complete her portraits in a much shorter amount of time, and is more free with her compositions. She loves to set up still life pieces and paint them quickly in an “alla prima” impressionist technique, drawing inspiration from artists such as Sorolla, Manet, and Degas. She also does landscape painting trips over the summer and paints “plein air” pieces, capturing the light in short sessions of around three hours. She likes to celebrate vibrant colour and shifting light patterns, finding nuances in nature and beauty in the everyday. She believes environments and lighting change quickly when one paints from life. She likes to capture flickers of these moments in her paintings—expressions in a face, or how a light hits an object at a certain time of the day.

She has been working towards her first solo show, which was due to take place at 54 The Gallery, Mayfair at the end of May, but unfortunately had to be cancelled due to the current pandemic. She now plans to exhibit her paintings at her studio in Fulham, which people will be able to view by appointment in the autumn.

She has been in quarantine for the past eight weeks and has just completed a project in aid of the NHS, which saw her complete a small still life every day and sell it at the end of the day, with 20 per cent of each sale donated to NHS Charities.

She takes commissions for portraits, groups as well as solo, but also for still life pieces and landscapes. Often clients have a particular place in mind for a painting, so they can commission something based on those dimensions, and even to match the colour scheme in a room.

‘Lemons and Spring Onions on a Blue Plate,’ 2020

'Astra', 2019

‘Pathway in Provence,’ 2019

‘Ballet Shoes,’ 2019