About Us

Since being founded in 1997, Fine Art Commissions has helped to arrange over 3,000 portraits for clients and sitters around the world. By only representing artists whom they feel are consistent enough to continuously produce high-quality work, they are able to offer a confident and unique tailored service – ensuring that process runs smoothly and efficiently for all parties. The artists represented are chosen for their accuracy as well as their individual flair, allowing Fine Art Commissions to cater for a wide range of tastes and budgets – charging the same were someone to go directly to the artist.

The exhibition at 19 Ryder Street, St James’s displays a selection of portraits by their artists, including a portrait of Kelsey Grammer as Miguel de Cervantes in The Man from La Mancha, the sketch of TRH’s Princes William and Harry, which was painted from life in Nicky Philipps’s Chelsea studio, a portrait of the actress, Alice Eve by Jamie Coreth, the sketch of HM The Queen from a sitting for the portrait commissioned by Royal Mail, which now hangs in Buckingham Palace and a Conversation Piece by Nick Bashall of the team at Fine Art Commissions.

Main Image (above): Family by Rupert Alexander, oil on canvas.

Jemima by Nick Bashall, charcoal on paper.

David by Nicky Philipps, oil on canvas.

Alice Eve by Jamie Coreth, oil on linen.

Alan Rickman by Raoul Martinez, oil on canvas.

Life at Fine Art Commissions by Nick Bashall, oil on canvas.