About Us

Roni Lynn Doppelt has been creating various forms of art since the early 1980s. She began with acrylic and watercolor abstract paintings and subsequently expanded into colorful creations on glass. She found a special talent for sculpture and has enjoyed creating numerous bronze pieces as well as alabaster and marble sculptures. She has excelled with mixed-media heart collages and abstract scapes of all kinds inspired by her abiding love of travel.

In a recent interview, Roni Lynn said, "My artwork is all about what I value most. Love of family and friends, love of life itself, appreciation of beauty, and love of color are all very important to me, and that is the reason they are always prevalent in my work."

As a skilled sculptor whose intense emotions lend her work a depth of sensitivity, Roni Lynn showcases a dynamic visual symphony established by a seamless cohesion of grand design and artistic ability. Centered around the cyclical nature of human emotion, her sculptures elicit the awe-inspiring power and beauty of our universe.

Her work has been shown at the Amsterdam-Whitney International Fine Art Gallery in New York, The Pergande Gallery in Aspen, World Art Tours With Nina Torres, The Sandra Neustadter Gallery in Delray Beach, Florida, and Ellen Liman Gallery in Palm Beach, to name a few. Last year, her work was shown at the Ancient Olympia Town Hall during the 2020 Olympic Flame Ceremony. The virtual digital exhibition was titled "Athletic Idea, Man And The Arts."

Her art has also been featured in prestigious magazines including American Art Collector, Southwest Art Magazine, Glow Magazine, Art In America, Elevated Magazines, and Florida Design.

Most notably, Roni Lynn has contributed her artwork to various charities for fundraising events and has generously donated significant original pieces to foundations such as Morse Life, Pink Aid, Donna Klein, and Albert Einstein College.

Main Image (above): Unicorn 3 units of 48" X 48" Acrylic on canvas.

Rainbow Pearl, 48" X 60" Acrylic on canvas.

Reflection, 48" X 60" Acrylic on canvas.

Reunited, 48" X 60" Acrylic on canvas.

Images of Sculptures: Wave 2, Hanging out and out of this world.