About Us

Sladmore St. James’s specialises in nineteenth and twentieth-century sculpture, a cross-section of which is always on display in the Jermyn Street Gallery. The gallery mounts in-depth exhibitions on individual sculptors, thematic and group shows, with an emphasis on the quality and authenticity of the casting. Our publishing program includes exhibition catalogues, detailed monographs, and reference books on artistic movements and casting. The gallery was started by Edward Horswell's parents in the 60s in Mayfair, where the contemporary gallery resides today. We regularly organise loans to major museums with pieces from the Gallery, from the Sladmore's Private Collection and from our collectors.

The gallery has on show a selection of works from the 40 artists featured in Edward Horswell’s recently published book, Sculpture of Les Animaliers 1900-1950. Around 100 sculptures illustrated in the book are on display at the gallery, many of which are for sale. 

The first half of the twentieth century marked the heyday of animal sculpture throughout Europe. This exhibition examines impressionist modellers such as Bugatti and Degas, alongside Pompon and Sandoz amongst others, who as carvers produced sculpture with smoother planes and sleeker lines. This exhibition celebrates the diversity of nature, valued by sculptors for its intrinsic beauty, movement and form.

Herbert Haseltine, (American, 1877 - 1962), Suffolk Punch Stallion, 1921-1924, Bronze, Height 11 in.

Francois Pompon, (French, 1855 - 1933), Cockerel, Weathervane, c. 1908, Bronze, Height 20 in.

Joseph Franz Pallenberg, (German, 1882-1946), Roaring Rominten Stag, 1905, Bronze, Height 21 in.

Sculpture of Les Animaliers 1900-1950