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Nat Bowen is a leading British abstract resin artist living and working in London. Recognised globally for her powerful abstract resin art, Bowen uses the study of Chromology, the psychology behind colour, as the foundation of her art incorporating this knowledge into her work as a way to communicate nonverbally through colour. Glossy orbs of pigmented resin are painted in layers onto a recycled acrylic canvas with the viscous medium giving a three-dimensional aspect to the work. The lustrous artworks adapt according to the light, reflecting and absorbing the surroundings with the work becoming a part of the space it inhabits.

A meditative state is resumed when applying the resin with the act being a slow and mindful process which draws her into the now. The viewer is encouraged to adopt the same mindful, meditative state whilst observing her work, taking the time to be present and allowing the colour and form to have an impact on the mind and body. Colour, as a property of light, has the power to alter or transform ones’ mental state, and it is through this realisation that Bowen has built her strong relationship with colour, one that is already so embedded in us as humans. Colour can only be realised through the presence of light so by choosing to work with such a luminous medium, the colours in the works are enriched and the experience intensified.

Main Image (above): Nat Bowen, Saatchi Gallery, 2019

'Black Diamond' 2020

'Chromatic', 'Summer76', 'Vita', 'Fragments', 2020

'Black Star', 'Vita', 2020

Nat Bowen, Saatchi Gallery, 2019

Meet the Artist

Nat Bowen is proud to unveil her latest exhibition ‘Chromadelic’ at contemporary Mayfair hotel, 45 Park Lane. The exciting body of work will be the first to feature in the hotel’s 2021 exhibition series opening on 17th May.

Exhibiting throughout the hotel lobby and in popular BAR 45, guests can sip cocktails and converse surrounded by uplifting artwork. Well known for her vibrant, multi-layered resin pieces, the exhibition will feature both large-scale works, and Bowen’s smaller trademarked Fragments. The colourful and mesmerising pieces hark back to the flamboyant decade of the 1960s, a time when the 45 Park Lane building was the famous London Playboy Club and the most successful casino in the world.

10 Questions With...


What is the best/most inspiring exhibition you have visited?

Picasso 1932 - Love, Fame, Tragedy at Tate Modern in 2018.

Share a hidden gem with us?

Port Grimaud in the South of France. All the houses are different colours looking out onto the water. It was created in the 1960s by architect François Spoerry and has a retro charm about it.

What is your motto?

Think big!

What is your favourite piece of art of all time?

The Snail, 1953 by Henri Matisse. I knew I wanted to create large scale works after seeing that piece in person.

Desert island luxury item?

A bright orange lilo.

If I wasn't an artist, I would be...

Completely lost!

If you had to paint in the colour palette of one artist for the rest of your life, who would you pick?

Andy Warhol. I often reference his work for colour inspiration.

What is your greatest achievement? 

Making a living out of doing something I love.

What do you aspire to be? 


What is your greatest extravagance?

A wardrobe full of brightly coloured suits. 

See ‘‘Chromadelic’ at 45 Park Lane from May 17 until June 28, 2021.