About Us

Lara Robinson is a contemporary fine art painter, based in London. 

Lara was born in London in 1994. From Wiltshire, England. After completing an Art and Design Foundation Course Lara studied the traditional method of painting in both Florence and Barcelona, graduating with a painting diploma from The Barcelona Academy Of Art. Here she explored still life, landscape, figurative and portraiture. A deep knowledge and practice of the essential principles handed down from the past, allows her freedom to express and develop, combining her own style into her academic training.

Having moved to London In May 2019, Lara is currently exploring other techniques, looking to pursue her personal work towards the contemporary art world. Lara takes interest in researching the idea of impressionism with the use of concept, composition and colour. “It’s all about playing to get the best result.” Producing work that is thought out, taking decisions on representation and finding that most interesting way to reflect a subject matter is key to Lara’s own practice. 

Lara has been full on in the studio this year making the most of lockdown. Whilst accepting commissions of all sorts, she has also been working on a new body of work to hold her first solo show in November 2020.

Solo Show details: Exhibition Open at The Coningsby Gallery, London, WIT 4RJ from Monday 16th- Saturday 21st November, open daily from 10 am until 6 pm, Monday to Fridays. There will be a private view held on Tuesday 17th November. 

Please contact lara@lararobinsonart.com and info@coningsbygallery.com if you would like to attend.

Main Image (above): Blue Avenue. Media - Oil On Canvas. Size 160x90cm.

Portrait. Wigs. Media - Oil On Canvas. Size - 70x90cm.

Portrait. Theo. Media - Oil On Canvas. Size - 50x60cm.

Contemporary Still Life. Media - Oil On Board. Size - 30x21cm.

A Fall At Shuttlecock. Media - Oil On Board. Size - 30x21cm.