About Us

‘ADORED AND ADORNED' is a series of photographic and mixed media portraits made in collaboration between artists Harvey B-Brown and David Scheinmann. Photographic prints are transformed using paints, inks, collage and mixed media fused with digital technology. The finished works are 3 dimensional constructed portrait depictions that lie somewhere between a photograph, a painting and a sculpture. They call it a ‘meta-portrait’

No two pieces can ever be the same. The individuality of each sitter inspires unique visual outcomes. Identity and the personal narrative is captured in a whimsical post-modern mash-up of art and fashion styles. The result is iconic. This series has allowed B-Brown & Scheinmann to draw on 25 years of creative output in the visual arts to realise their aspirations towards a critical and enduring portrait style in the visual language they have developed together.

B-Brown & Scheinmann’s work is held in many private collections, boutique hotels and Interior design projects. They have achieved high auction results at Sotheby’s and Christie's and with Simon De Pury for Women for Women, Terrence Higgins Trust and Goss Michael Foundation, charities.

Portrait commissions are available on request. As a ‘one of a kind gift, marking a moment in time or creating a legacy portrait, the process begins with a brief studio-style photography portrait sitting at a location of your choosing. The shoot is relaxed but intimate. They typically work quickly without stylists and hair and makeup artists because they fabricate the look when they create the work.

They take the time to learn a little about you in order to establish scale and direction. Personal memorabilia, keepsakes, a memento, and photos can be encapsulated within the final original box framed 3-dimensional work. The work is completed in their studio, then framed and delivered in 3 to 4 weeks.

Pets immortalised on request. Works for sale are available on the website and range from various sized original and Variation Edition 3D works to affordable limited edition archival prints. Commissions for Interiors are available on request.

Main Image (above): Victoria Broom. The Muse - Red Head.

Sophie Harley

Dame Darcey Bussell


Nikita, Goddess of the 7 Seas

Meet the Artist

Harvey B-Brown and David Scheinmann have recently embraced the brave new world of NFT’s. An NFT is a way of attaching digital art to the cryptocurrency world of blockchain, which acts as proof of ownership and digital certificate of authenticity. For this, they have created a character called AANDA whose life journey is told through the ‘seven ages’ first defined by Shakespeare. This Journey from birth to death spans seven years and each age or year consists of 26 images. Each image reveals a different moment in this right of passage and there is a drop every two weeks into the Opensea NFT marketplace.

10 Questions With...


What is the best/most inspiring exhibition you have visited?

Murukami retrospective LA 2007 – one individual's explosive imagination.

Share a hidden gem with us?

Castle Elvira, a stunning castle in Puglia, Italy which houses our new Adored & Adorned studio. Commission a portrait and you and three guests will be invited to stay in the castle enjoying a unique art/travel experience (F & B included).

What is your greatest extravagance?

Castle Elvira.

What is your motto?

Harvey’s motto is  “more is more.” David likes to quote Hemingway’s  “ The first draft of anything is shit."

What is your favourite piece of art of all time?

Botticelli’s ‘The Birth of Venus.’ A big influence in our work for many years. We produced a series of windows for Liberty of London several years ago.

Desert island luxury item?

A camera.

If we weren't artists, we would be... 

...dead, because art is what makes us feel alive.

Home is…

Is where the ‘art is....

What is your greatest struggle?

Time – there is never enough.

The best advice you've ever been given?

Know exactly what it is you want and do not waiver from it until you get it.

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