About Us

Phoebe Dickinson has held four successful solo shows, which she curated personally. In 2013 she was selected to appear on the Sky Arts programme ‘Portrait Artist of the year’ produced in conjunction with the National Portrait Gallery. She has exhibited in the Royal Society of Portrait Painters annual exhibition four times; in 2015 showing her portrait of Carson from Downton Abbey, which was part of a series of painting commissions documenting the making of the iconic ITV series. 

Phoebe’s portrait for the Cholmondeley children at Houghton Hall was chosen for the BP Portrait Award 2018 exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery. In 2019 she won the Burke’s Peerage Foundation Award for classical-inspired portraiture at the Royal society or Portraiture painters exhibition and was highly commended for the De Lazlo Award.  In 2021 Phoebe was awarded the RP award at the Royal Society of portrait painters.  She continues to exhibit regularly at renowned galleries in London and beyond and is due to have a solo show in New York this Autumn.

At any one time, Phoebe works on an eclectic mixture of commission and exhibition work. Right now she has many exciting portrait commissions on the go and is also finalising work for her solo show in New York due to take place in late Autumn. Phoebe also teaches a plein air workshop once a year at Villa Cetinale. Details on Phoebe’s exhibitions and workshops show up on her website www.phoebedickinson.com and for regular updates on everything related to Phoebe’s work you can sign up to her mailing list via her website.

Main Image (above): Phoebe Dickinson painting Rose Cholmondeley at Houghton photographed by Harry Cory-Wright.

The Bamford grandchildren at Daylesford House, Phoebe Dickinson, photographed by Alex Fox.

Rose at Houghton, Phoebe Dickinson, photographed by Alex Fox.

The Cholmondeley children at Houghton Hall, Phoebe Dickinson, photographed by Alex Fox.

The Garden door, Phoebe Dickinson, photographed by Alex Fox.