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British artist Lincoln Townley today announces the global launch of his second Bankers collection following his successful £20m sell-out Universe show at the Saatchi.

The U.K.’s leading figurative artist has revealed the 15 paintings which will be exhibited at private, invite-only shows in London, New York, Paris, Brussels and Antwerp in the early part of next year.

In a major boost for the global art market, the world-renowned artist has launched the City Banker collection after demand for his work defied the pandemic. The works are smaller in size and depict the huge energy needed to succeed in the cut-throat world of banking and investment. 

The lockdowns and closure of traditional galleries have further forced Lincoln and his studio team to concentrate on virtual galleries and augmented reality. Lincoln will focus on global sales using virtual technology and on social media to communicate with buyers.

Lincoln says, “Technology has not only allowed me to carry on with business during 2020, but it has allowed me to operate my business more effectively. My team and I know that my work is a strong option for investors who are looking outside the traditional stock exchange markets.”

He adds, ‘I’ve learnt from this pandemic that we need to look further into technology to help the art business and by doing so create a faster way to get works in front of many more collectors around the world. Once I’ve painted the artworks, we upload them online and send the links to clients, so they see the complete process. In addition to this, we are launching an augmented reality platform where the collector can link to us via WhatsApp and see the work on their wall via the camera on their phone.”

The U.K.’s leading figurative artist launched the 22 paintings designed for the post-lockdown cryptocurrency market during the summer. The London-born BAFTA resident artist, globally recognised for his dramatic figurative work and ICONS collection, has been embracing the cryptocurrency markets for more than five years.

Main Image (above): Lincoln Townley at Saatchi Gallery in 2020

Fighting for deals 1m x 1m oil on canvas part of The City Banker collection.

The Boardroom 1.4m x 1.4m oil on canvas part of The City Banker collection.

The Energy 40cm x 50cm oil on canvas.

Electric Banker 60cm x 80cm oil on canvas part of The City Banker collection.