About Us

Drawing upon elements of abstraction my paintings explore a process of an alternation of line, colour and texture. Intuitive yet considered I want my paintings to portray a raw energy and sense of mystery where each individual viewer can form their own interpretation on the work.

Rather than replicating an image, I seek to evoke the aura of a place, to capture an atmospheric scene or moment in time, immersing the viewer in a sense of space and timelessness. There is great attention paid to the surface where often materials are used to add extra depth and dynamism to the work, this proposes an interesting sense of perspective - giving the finished work a real sense of physicality, touch and rawness. From oil paint, acrylic to plaster, there are a variety of materials and tools fused together within the process. It can be an unpredictable and challenging technique of layering different shades to get the desired depth and atmospheric quality. It is important for me to achieve a contemporary aesthetic whilst constantly challenging the capabilities of my materials at hand. 

Rather than residing within a particular subject matter I see my painting technique as very versatile and experimental which can allow for an exciting collaboration between material, form and composition - constantly striving to create fresh and visually exciting work. Whether that be through a contemporising of the seascape or pushing the boundaries of more free form and somewhat urban style abstract mark-making, one thing is fundamental, and that is exploring the enigmatic nature of the creative process.

I have most recently been experimenting with abstracted forms and focussing solely on the compositions of colour and light, combining energetic marks and building up textures, sometimes having a somewhat urban feel or notion of a skyline.

I have had the opportunity to exhibit at a variety of shows throughout the UK notably ‘Grand Designs Live London’ and ‘The Affordable Art Fair’. My paintings can be found residing in private and corporate collections as far out as Qatar, United States and New Zealand. Along with being incorporated into the projects of several well-renowned interior designers (Fiona Barratt Interiors/Candy & Candy, to name a few). I am represented by numerous galleries in London and have built up a strong following of clients, often working on bespoke commissions for commercial and domestic settings.

'Open Waters' by David Ridley.

'Serene Tides' by David Ridley.

'Flying Home' by David Ridley.

'Urban Flow' by David Ridley.