About Us

Peter Shoukry is a Contemporary Artist and Fashion Model from Los Angeles, Ca. Growing up, Peter was always naturally fascinated by art, from Mickey Mouse to Van Gogh he absorbed like a sponge everything that was drawn, sketched or painted. 

At the age of 16, Peter immersed himself in art completely to become a contemporary artist. A year later, his art was featured in ‘Norbertellen Gallery’ and ‘The Happening Gallery’ in Los Angeles. Shortly after, Peter had exhibitions in solo galleries and masterpieces sold to private collectors in various locations around the world.

To help subsidise his artistic endeavours, Peter turned to modelling, and after walking over 70 runway shows across the globe for household names such as Calvin Klein, William Lei and Hugo Boss, he learned to relish what he describes as that, “Euphoric sense of taking on the world, alone and invincible, as you walk down the runway and into the eye of the storm.”

Peter took a lot of inspiration from fashion shows and meeting new people while constantly travelling to fashion weeks in every major city.  In Peter’s words, “Art to me is only art if it’s trying to say something, I have never made an art piece to show something that is obvious, I will show it to you the way I see it. With every painting, I try to make that line between reality and imagination thinner, until I have no idea what’s real anymore. They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and since the beholder (me) is an artist, I can show you how or why it’s beautiful.”

Peter is currently working on an art piece labelled ‘Spoken’ which some critics have described as the modern-day Mona Lisa. Using face recognition technology, the piece works by emulating in real-time the facial expressions of those who view it, as if they are creating a live animated emoji. Upon looking at the painting, the portrait will automatically recognize and map the viewers’ faces with its built-in camera sensors. It is an exciting and innovative project which seeks to redefine our concept of art.

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Peter Shoukry.